For your advertising texts, slogans, banners and key taglines, we would recommend a more tailored approach. Bridging the gap between translation and copywriting, transcreation focuses less on the factual or technical aspects of the content and more on the emotional effect your message and overall campaign will have on the reader. Our transcreation specialists are not just outstanding translators, but bilingual communication experts with an excellent cultural understanding of both source and target countries, and significant experience in fields such as PR, advertising, market research, and CRM.

A different approach
Although translation is often assessed against the source text, transcreation is assessed by the impact of the target text
Transcreation must grab the reader’s attention and invite them to take a specific action; it does not just inform them
What counts is creating a positive way to enhance brand image, generate leads and drive sales, irrespective of the source text
The task at hand
Transcreation is a process that starts with the creative brief: the better the brief, the better the transcreation
Transcreation combines two separate services: creative translation and copywriting
Recreation of the source text in the target language with the sole aim of enhancing the brand image
The creative concept of the source text – as approved by the end client – should be maintained to the greatest possible degree
Careful consideration of cultural differences, as this may sometimes mean that even the creative concept needs to be redefined in communication with local marketing teams
Combine with international SEO keywords for more precise targeting
Ongoing feedback
Regular communication with client’s production team and local marketing teams
Insider’s view and updates on client’s local marketing strategy
It is important to us that we provide a solution tailored to your particular requirements, avoiding unnecessary complexity and costs. Our project management team will be happy to discuss your project further and explore different options for you.
Transcreation goes well beyond translating what is available on the source. As such a full creative brief, visuals, information on the required style and tone of voice are minimum requirements for this service. Regular communication with your production team and an insider’s view and regular updates on your local marketing strategy would also help further fine-tune the service.
Transcreation costs can be calculated either per 1000 words or hourly rates, depending on the task at hand. Our quotes take into consideration the language, subject matter and required deliverables and a binding cost estimate will always be provided ahead of any work commencing.